Wholesale Cashmere Scarf A grade cashmere scarf with tassel

A plain woven cashmere scarf Woven in A grade cashmere, it is a perfect gift for yourself and a loved one this winter, the classic design both fit for women and men,it would be a lovely personalised present for birthday,Christmas.
● 100% A Grade Cashmere
● One Size 30x180m Unisex fit for women and men
● Weight:130g
● Shipping Worldwide
● Woven in Inner Mongolia
● Multiple 28 colors
● Super soft and Warm

Color way: our pure cashmere scarf is available in 28 colours, please contact with our sales team to get the full colors card
Hight light: Hand made, Material:100% pure cashmere , eco dying.

Custom labels ,custom embroidery, custom colors, custom packaging gift box with your own logo.

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Q: How can you tell if the scarf is cashmere?
A: Burn test,one of the easy way to test cashmere is burning it, this is the most common of all test conducted on cashmere, Simply cut a small fringe of your scarf and burn it, if it gives off pungent,natural hair smell,there are high chances that it is cashmere, this is because cashmere is a natural fabric, and will give away a smell exactly like burned hair.also the residue of the burned pieces will be matte and powder.

Q: What makes cashmere so costly?
A: When you first see the price tag on a cashmere products,it may probably raise your eyebrows,and you may don’t want to get it,but when you learn something about cashmere scarf, you will know getting a quality cashmere scarf is actually an investment, this is because the cashmere scarf will not only last your decades but also get more softer as it ages.
The fine cashmere is harvested when the goat begins to shed their winter coat in spring,But that’s not all. There is a need to sort out the fibers in order to remove the coarse fibers that are found in the outer fleece. That’s because these coarse fibers are not necessary for the production process of cashmere scarf.

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