2022 Winter New knitted dress women cashmere sweater dress cozy luxury cashmere dresses

● 26S/2 count 100% cashmere knitted women dress
● Size M L .Size guarding is available
● Weight:500g
● Shipping Worldwide
● Knitted in Inner Mongolia
● Multiple colors

Thin fabric,soft and warm, natural colors,eco-friendly. Can be weared as an oversized sweater

Embroidery,Sew labels, care label and main label, and also hang tags.
Custom colors, patterns. Sizes, Weight,custom styles

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Q: Why is cashmere sweater?
A: Cashmere is the under-down of goats that live in high dry plateaus of China ,cashmere is a much finer fiber that lie under the goat coarse outer protective, which will protect the goat from cold , it is very luxury fabric.The harsh geography of this area supports a very limited number of goats who are combed by hand every spring. It takes one of these rare goats a total of four years to grow enough cashmere to make one sweater.

Q: How Do I know a good cashmere sweater from a bad one?
A: you may touch it by your hand, a good cashmere sweater should feel smooth,soft and luxury, the other factor is the density, the sweater should be snap back to its original shape,loosely knit, a good cashmere sweater should also looks sustainable even with a light weight

Q: What is pilling of cashmere sweater?
A: Pilling is a natural regular on cashmere and wool product,and it is usually caused by friction from seat,Persistent pilling is the result of a high percentage of short fibres or a loose knit. Lower quality manufacturers use shorter fibers because they are far less expensive. Not all sweaters will pill since all natural fibers have their own chemistry that differs from yarn to yarn,If pilling does occur, carefully pull or cut the pills off, or use a cashmere comb to remove them

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